Can chickens eat meat?

Is it safe for chickens to eat meat? Raw and moldy beef can lead to food poisoning. Meat that has been cooked (e.g., cat food) is all ok in moderation. Your hens don’t need a daily diet of meat, other than what they may eat in the way of bugs. Chickens are omnivores, which means … Read more

Can chickens eat mice?

What happens if a chicken eats a mouse? So a chicken eating a mouse is totally normal – it’s well within their capability to catch, eat, and digest. And it’s kind of nice to have some extra rodent control in the backyard, too. Can I feed mice to my chickens? Can chickens eat whole mice? … Read more

Can chickens eat mealworms?

Why can’t you feed chickens dried mealworms? It is illegal to feed mealworms to chickens because they are a health risk to both the birds and the people consuming the meat and eggs produced by insect fed chickens. Mealworms may be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, fungi, pesticides, heavy metals and toxins. Will mealworms hurt chickens? … Read more